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Spearheading the trauma renaissance by applying peer-reviewed, empirical eastern and western modalities, The Sheepdog Program is a licensed and credentialed counseling program for both mental health and substance abuse.  We offer a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), an Intensive Out-Patient (IOP), and Out Patient Services (OP) created specifically for Veterans, Federal and State Law Enforcement Officers, and First Responders.


the Sheepdog

The Sheepdog Corporation is a 501c3 non profit organization that provides charitable assistance to veterans, active duty service members, and first responders seeking access to mental health treatment. Helping them connect with, and removing barriers which prevent them from engaging in treatment focused on mental health, substance abuse, and rehabilitate services. To provide education services to mental health providers and facilities on revised, cutting-edge empirically proven and effective treatment modalities focused on veterans and first responders. And to conduct and support research, including testing for public safety, on interventions and modalities intended to progress the treatment of veterans and first responders.


Superior than standard approaches.

Clinical treatment directed and provided by combat tested peers

Licensed and Credentialed counseling services specifically for Military, Vets, and First Responders


All Treatment Programs are not created equal.  

In truth, many are created poorly. 

How does a counseling service focus on military and first responder experiences?


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what makes a Sheepdog

These are men and women who choose to relinquish the comfort and blissful peace that most of society takes for granted. The men and women who decide to stand outside the crowd, placing themselves between the flock and shadows. Staring through the darkness and directly into the eyes of the wolves. These men and women stand against anything that seeks to hurt the flock behind them. Allowing the allowing our families and friends an opportunity to live in naive candor with the rest of the flock. We don’t want them to see what we see. To know what lives out there.

As a Sheepdog, you have already shown that you are cut from a different cloth. You are made from a different metal. Forged in a furnace that burns hotter than others. We cannot expect the same tools and therapeutic approaches tested and honed on the sheep to work on the sheepdogs. Sheepdogs have already proven there is something different about them.


You wouldn’t keep a furnace set to the same temperature used to craft a spoon if you were trying to forge a long sword. The furnace needs to be turned higher. This metal needs to be treated differently. Life has burned out the impurities and then taken the hammer to you. You've been beaten, folded over, and tempered. Like the sword, this metal ends up stronger. When it is ready to have its edge sharpened it can only be sharpened when another piece of iron thats as strong as it is. We want to serve that role for you. This isn't my program. This is OUR program. You will sharpen us too.


If you are Active duty, a Veteran, State and Federal Law Enforcement, Retired law enforcement, or a First Responders you are the Sheepdogs of the community. If you would like to schedule an intake session or learn more about this program please contact us

the program

In Network with Most Health Care Providers

The Sheepdog Program is in network with multiple insurance companies.  Including Tricare, BCBS, Cigna, Health First  and many more.  Please feel free to message us to see if your provider is in network. 

The whole point is to help those who deserve to be heard

This program is created by a prior special operations Marine who made the choice to transition to the clinical field after seeing how managed health care has fallen short treating those who have sacrificed parts of themselves to serve the community.  

Our only desire is to provide the treatment that is needed, without creating a new problem in the form of overwhelming debt that most programs can create.  If we are not in network with your provider, contact us.  We want to make sure you are getting the care you need.  We work closely with several 501c3's and other treatment programs that are worth your time.  Don't go somewhere that promises a new world at the cost of a new problem.



I was in The Sheepdog program for 5 months but I will be a Sheepdog for life. I now wake up everyday with a purpose. 

Sheepdog Graduate

Sheepdogs saved my life! I was in a deep dark hole and the program but also my fellow Sheepdogs saved me.

Sheepdog Graduate

I felt like I was drowning for 10 years. I have a new outlook on life. The bad days still come but now I know I can endure them. 

Sheepdog Graduate